Datenschlonz (Deutsche Telekom)

Sei Kein Datenschlonz is a 30 second short film that I worked on with BigHugFX for Deutsche Telekom.

In a time when people carelessly deal with their private data, it is important as an employer to provide a clear line and make it clear that employees have a commitment to their own data and the data of others. The topic “data protection” is known to most employees, but it is often “forgotten”. Many workers also begin to feel uncomfortable when the subject is raised because they recognise their own laziness and ignorance in the matter.

From these basic motifs, stories about data protection rules have been developed, which should appeal to a self-determined, respectful and secure handling of data. In addition, the action is to stimulate the talking about data protection in the offices by first creating a word for someone who is committed to a data protection offense, the “Datenschlonz”.

Client: BigHugFX / Deutsche Telekom Date: January 2015 Website: